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Public Media Kit

MoCA mission statement:

  • Position MoCA as the world leader of  in-home and  in-building coax networking by providing certified technology that exceeds industry requirements for performance, reliability, privacy and guaranteed delivery of voice, video and data. 

MoCA® Tagline & Description:

  • MoCA® (the alliance) Tagline & Description:

    • The Coax Standards for Managed Networks.
      • MoCA standards for home (MoCA Home™) and access (MoCA Access™) provide low latency and security for working, learning and streaming over coax.
      • MoCA Home™ and MoCA Access™ standards deliver reliability, dynamic symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds and connectivity.
      • MoCA® is a global, member-driven, non-profit trade association that creates access and connectivity coax standards for managed networks.  MoCA standards let people work, learn, and stream over existing coax cable available in homes, apartments, flats, hotels, and buildings worldwide. 

        MoCA members use the Alliance’s standards to build products offering a reliable, symmetric multi-gigabit, low latency, and secure internet experience for working, learning and streaming.  MoCA member companies are made up of global service providers (MSOs, Telco/IPTV), OEM, ODM and Semiconductor companies. 
  • MoCA Home™ Tagline & Description:

    • Managed Full-Mesh Coax Connectivity to Work, Learn and Stream
      • MoCA Home™ coax standards deliver multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds, full-mesh and low latency networking.
      • MoCA Home™ provides residential customers the experience they demand for reliable working, learning and streaming.
  • MoCA Access™ Tagline & Description:

    • Point-to-Multipoint Coax Connectivity for Managed Services to Work, Learn, and Stream
      • MoCA Access™ provides managed services for symmetrical multi-gigabit, low-latency access over coax. MoCA Access™ delivers the managed services customers demand. 
      • MoCA Access™ is a low-cost/high-performance, managed services access extension standard.  MoCA Access™ includes point-to-multipoint controller serving up to 31 MoCA Acess modems (CPE devices).  MoCA Access is a complete solution for managed services, deployments and co-exists with legacy services such as TV, DOCSIS, and cellular (4G/5G) technologies.  
  • MoCA Tagline & Description Details and Stats for the alliance, MoCA Home™ and MoCA Access™ (.pdf)

MoCA Logos

MoCA Home™ Graphics

The "MoCA orange" in the graphics represents the MoCA portion of the network.

  • MoCA Home Icon MoCA Home Diagram

MoCA Access™ Graphics

The "MoCA orange" in the graphics represents the MoCA portion of the network.

  • MoCA Access Icon MoCA Access Fiber Diagram MoCA Access Fiber Diagram MoCA Access Fiber Diagram MoCA Access Fiber Diagram MoCA Access Fiber Diagram

MoCA Technology Standards

  • MoCA standards chart

MoCA Technology Evolution

  • MoCA Technology Evolution

MoCA PowerPoint Template:

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